Comprehensive Resource Model

CRM is a neuro-biologically based, and body centered trauma treatment model which effectively assists an individual in targeting their most challenging traumatic life experiences and memories and ultimately bringing them to a healing resolution.

CRM uses many layers of internal resource such as attachment figures, breath work, somatic resources, connections to the natural world, and sacred animal companions.  These resources lead to a deeply grounded, and contained sense in the body which individuals with trauma often lack.  The “scaffolding” of resource allows for effective processing of traumatic experiences, and the unbearable emotions embedded in them.  These unbearable emotions are often far too activating to process without internal resourcing since they cause extreme dis-regulation in the nervous system.  CRM processing changes how an individual remembers their traumatic life experiences as these same life experiences become distant memories instead of continually “re-lived” events. CRM allows for processing from conception to the present day including generational work which may be out of the our awareness.