1 have devoted the last 20 years to working with and studying trauma and the body, traumatic resolution, and attachment theory.   I am passionate about my work and about the opportunity to guide you through your healing process to discover a more authentic, fulfilled and joyful life. 

I believe that psychotherapy is a co-created process between myself and my client. I will support you in finding capacity to become more aware of what is blocking you, discovering the underlying or root cause of these blocks, then building psychological capacity and somatic resiliency to effectively heal.   We will find deep internal awareness of your system.

There are no two sessions which are exactly alike. My approach is  gentle and will help you feel safe to open up previously difficult to access places which go beyond the psychological narrative.

I work with individuals and couples. I welcome clients of all racial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds  along with LGBTQ+, and ethical vegans.  

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